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By and Sell used natural gas and diesel engines and generator sets. The size ranges...

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Field Engine LLC of San Antonio understands that dependable electric power is a...


Welcome To Field Engine LLC

Field Engine LLC is renowned in the San Antonio area for providing state of the art generator sets, industrial engines, and oilfield equipment. We also specialize in dismantling and rigging, and we have separated ourselves from other engine manufacturers and equipment manufacturers by striving to stay a step ahead of the industry norms!

Whether you're seeking the removal, dismantling, or installation of your industrial generators,Field Engine LLC is here to perform a professional job, every time. We provide unparalleled electricity generation in San Antonio and our technicians are the cream of the crop in the modern industry.

Industrial equipment can be a large investment, particularly if you're purchasing one of our larger products for long-term use. This is why it's all the more important to purchase your equipment from a trusted and reputable company, like Field Engine LLC.

If you're looking to purchase industrial equipment, or have questions about power generation or generator sets, give Field Engine LLC a ring today!